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When taking on that DIY job, there is no need to hesitate as at Goodwins we offer everything you need to get the job done.
In store we have a good selection of: Plumbing, Sand, Cement, Timber, Paint and paint mixing services, Varnish, Paint Brushes, Screws, Step Ladders, Chain, Electrical Cable, Electrical Switches & Sockets, Cleaning Products and Much Much More.
At Goodwins we have a wide variety of tools for any budding DIYer, Some of them are:

Spanners, Socket Sets, Drills,.Drill Bits, Angle Grinders, Sanders, Brick Trowels, Jacks, Axel Stands, Multi Meters, and thats just the tip of this iceberg!

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John Arthur Bowers Multi- Purpose Compost.
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